Free Affidavit of Birth Form

Free Affidavit of Birth FormAn Affidavit of Birth form is filed to support the standing of an immigration application when a foreign national does not have a proper birth certificate. A birth certificate is an extremely important affidavit document required for immigration related matters including green card and visa applications.

Many foreign born individuals do not have a birth certificate because their home country did not keep records at the time of their birth. The Applicant could also have a birth certificate from their native country, but the certificate is incorrect.

An Affidavit of Birth should also be submitted with an application for a United States passport when a birth certificate is lost or unable to be obtained for a person born in the United States. The Affidavit of Birth must be accompanied by a notice from the appropriate authorities indicating that no birth record exists.

An Affidavit of Birth must be made by a person who has personal knowledge of the facts of the birth certificate of the person whose birth in the United States is to be proved. It is preferred that the Affidavit of Birth be made by an older blood relative, although it may be made by the attending physician or any other person who has personal knowledge of the birth.

A notarized Affidavit of Birth with the correct information should be made by a close relative with evidence to the birth of the person whose birth certificate is in question. If the parents are alive, they should make the affidavit, but if this is not possible, a close relative who is older than the Applicant may provide an Affidavit of Birth.

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