Free General Affidavit Form

Free Sample General Affidavit FormA General Affidavit is a written declaration in which an affiant certifies that the facts of a particular subject, that are recorded in the Affidavit document, are true to the affiant’s knowledge. A General Affidavit form is also known as a Declaration under Oath.

General Affidavits are used to make a statement of fact in a written form under oath. The affiant, or person composing the General Affidavit, affirms that the statements have been prepared with full knowledge that the facts and circumstances proclaimed in the Affidavit document are true.

A General Affidavit is used in legal proceedings to give a trustworthy element of accurate information. Lawyers use a General Affidavit to build a foundation for an argument when trying a case.

A General Affidavit Form contains the following sections:
• The Header or Title of the General Affidavit includes the name of the affiant or person filing the Affidavit.
• The Statement of Facts mentions details of the affiant, such as name, age, address, identification, and any identifying documents.
• The Main Facts or Affidavit Deed describes the precise evidence about which the Affidavit is filed and is recorded in the document.
• The Footer or Signature is signed by the affiant and the witness before whom the facts are sworn. The witness can be a Notary Public, attorney, or Justice of the Peace.

Because a General Affidavit Form is a sworn statement the document carries significant consideration in a court of law. The affiant is regarded as having a unique awareness of the facts of the incident and an obligation to uphold the law when delivering their account in the General Affidavit.

In a General Affidavit the affiant must swear an oath under penalty of perjury that the facts stated in the document are accurate. Falsifying a General Affidavit carries serious legal ramifications.

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