Free Sample Affidavit Form

Free Sample Affidavit FormA Sample Affidavit Form is used to document a collection of facts or statements taken under oath. Sample Affidavits are signed by the affiant, or deponent, and witnessed by a person authorized to take an oath by law.

With our Free Sample Affidavit Template you can input your information online and then print it out. Once notarized, your Free Sample Affidavit is a legal, binding document.

A Sample Affidavit Form should contain the following parts:
• The commencement identifying the affiant.
• The individual subsections, numbered as mandated by law, each one making a separate claim.
• Any exhibits documenting factual evidence.
• A statement of truth stating that everything is true, under penalty of perjury, fine, and imprisonment.
• An attestation clause at the end certifying the affiant made the oath and the date.
• The signatures of the author and witness.

Download a free Sample Affidavit form that you can customize with your own legal documentation.