Free Sworn Affidavit Forms

Free Sworn Affidavit FormA Sworn Affidavit form contains a written declaration stating that the contents of the affidavit is true. A Sworn Affidavit form is used to file or respond to a motion in court. Sworn Affidavits are also used to give assurances to other parties in financial transactions.

A Sworn Affidavit is sworn to by the affiant in person before a person or witness authorized to take an oath. That witness is a Notary Public in the United States or a Commissioner of Oaths in Canada.

Sworn Affidavit forms consist of a sworn statement of fact that is signed by the affiant or witness. In most cases, the witness is a notary public. Many key details must be included in a Sworn Affidavit Form. These include full name, age, address, location, state, zip code and country. Telephone and cellphone numbers must also be included as well as occupation.

A Sworn Affidavit statement by the affiant must also be included. This statement contains the key facts that state the purpose of the Sworn Affidavit form. The final details that are included in a Sworn Affidavit are signatures and signing date of both the affiant and the witness. Sworn Affidavit Forms are legally binding once signed and sealed by both parties.

Once a Sworn Affidavit Form is signed and sealed, the affiant has made a promise that all the facts contained in the affidavit are true and accurate. A Sworn Affidavit is similar to giving your testimony during a court hearing. If the information in a Sworn Affidavit is falsified, the affiant will face charges of perjury.

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