Free Affidavit of Forgery Form

Free Affidavit of Forgery FormAn Affidavit of Forgery is a sworn statement demonstrating that the signature which appears on a suspicious document has been forged and is not authorized by the account holder.

An Affidavit of Forgery form must be provided by the account holder before criminal charges can be filed against the suspect. Most of the time an Affidavit of Forgery must accompany each forged or counterfeited item.

An Affidavit of Forgery should contain each of the following:
• Your name
• Check numbers
• Check dates
• Payee information
• Amount of the check
• Your signature and date
• Notary seal

A notarized Affidavit of Forgery is your sworn testimony that you did not authorize the use of your check. The Affidavit of Forgery should be submitted to your bank or to a check return service if the merchant was presented with the forged check.

Along with the Affidavit of Forgery document, you should send the merchant or check return service a copy of the police report, a copy of your drivers license, a cover letter with any case numbers and the account number for the forged checks.

Fill out and print a free Affidavit of Forgery form in just minutes online.

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