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Free Australian State Affidavit FormsAn Australian States and Territories Affidavit Form is a sworn statement of facts used in a court of law. Australian State Affidavit Forms are verified statements required as evidence during legal proceedings. An Australian States and Territories Affidavit Form must be signed by the affiant and, most of the time, witnessed by a public official. In many cases, Australian Affidavits require a notary signature for execution. To obtain a declaration on a legal affidavit the information provided by the affiant must be truthful to the best of the affiant’s knowledge. After signing the Australian Affidavit, the information in the document must be true or the applicant will face a charge of perjury.

Australian Affidavit Forms are valuable during the presentation of evidence in the courtroom, especially during matters when a witness is unavailable to testify in person. An Australian States and Territories Affidavit document helps deliver the testimony of individuals unable to appear in court due to unforeseen illnesses, serving time in jail, movement to another state, death, and many other reasons. In various legal cases, a court judge will accept an Australian Affidavit Form instead of the testimony of a witness. Tourists from abroad often need Australian Travel Affidavits for Minors. An Australian Affidavit Form can also be used in place of a live testimony in many circumstances.

Australian Affidavit Forms are written in the first or third person depending on who drafted the affidavit document. Australian States and Territories Affidavit Form components include the commencement identifying the affiant, the subsections noting why an Australian Affidavit is needed, a statement of truth, an attestation clause, and the signatures of the author and witness.

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