Using Free Affidavit Forms in Court

Free Affidavit FormsSometimes you won’t be able to get a witness to be at your trial to give a testimony. Even with a subpoena, some witnesses may not want to come forward and testify on your behalf. When a witness is unwilling to appear in person in court to testify, you can use a free affidavit form to offer verification of the facts or allegations in the case.

A free affidavit form is written and signed by the witness under oath in the presence of an officer authorized by law to administer oaths. These officers are judges, notary publics, magistrates, justices of the peace, elected officials, and other public officials. Free affidavit forms are very useful because they provide proof and evidence as a sworn fact. Affidavits are extremely helpful in small claims court cases.

A free affidavit form must include the following:
• Commencement statement identifying the affiant.
• Individual subsections, each one making a separate claims.
• Statement of truth under penalty of perjury.
• Attestation clause at the end verifying the witness made the oath.
• The signatures of the affiant and witness.

Anyone who is competent enough to make a sworn statement and has knowledge of the facts in a case can make an affidavit. You can use an affidavit to testify for all court cases instead of appearing in person.

Download hundreds of Free Affidavit Forms that you can customize with your own legal documentation.